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Scott M. Abeles

Scott M. Abeles


Scott Abeles is an associate in the Litigation Department. He is an experienced trial lawyer and appellate advocate, with a particular focus on high-stakes antitrust, regulatory, and constitutional matters.

Scott has significant experience with antitrust matters. He has represented clients in monopolization, restraint of trade, and merger cases, is the author of a subchapter of the ABA's Antitrust Law Developments 6th and 7th, and has published in Legal Times, The New Jersey Law Journal, and The Antitrust Litigator.

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A Bogosian Shortcut Through the Mushroom Patch – The Latest Chapter of a Fairytale Doctrine

Few cases in the antitrust canon have been invoked more frequently, for the wrong reasons, than the Third Circuit’s 1977 decision in Bogosian v. Gulf Oil. For four decades now – culminating in the recent release of a decision certifying class in the long-running Mushrooms case – litigants and courts have cited a “presumption” or “short-cut” … Continue Reading